2 ELBOW Sleeve Brace Wrap Support Tennis Elastic Compression Sports Pain Relief

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Measurements: One Size, 21 * 11 cm. aprox: 8" inches long X 3 1/2" inches opening at bottom & aprox. 4" inches opening at top Material: elastic, cotton and elastic fit a variety of sizes Can tighten using the site, there is warmth ,promote perspiration, multiple protection elbows knees and relieve strain; multi-directional stretch, soft and comfortable. Features: 1, heat treatment: Humid heat treatment (Moist Heat) is most coaches, to treat the injured joint and tendon rehabilitation physician attention. This product is made with excellent material Neoprene, completely close contact with the application area, to prevent temperature loss, the affected area to alleviate pain and accelerate healing. 2, promote blood circulation: This product is maintained membership heat treatment, promote the use of parts of the muscle tissue of the blood circulation, this effect is very beneficial to the knee or elbow disease disease treatments. In addition, good blood circulation can bring muscles function and reduce injuries. 3, the support effect: Wear this product can act as another layer of muscle and ligaments to reduce the external pressure or ease tendon. When the knees or elbows sudden impact and dramatic twist, this superior product support capability for the movement of protection and related activities to avoid injury, particularly effective. 4, compression effect: Compression (Compression) and heat are often joint, muscle injury and pain treatment for; 5, excellent scalability, durable, comfortable to wear:
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