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Avenue A Invests in Merchant Relationships

AVENUE A is a different kind of ecommerce business. We do not have a merchant portal, we do not take 15% of your sale price, and we do not delay payments to our merchants. What we do guarantee is, we market and advertise your products, we handle all customer relations, and all orders are sent through email via CSV files (API coming soon). We want our merchants to feel they have a platform to sell on that treats them as equals and understands that the better the relationship, the more successful both parties are. We work as a team with our merchants, not against them.

Why Join the Avenue A Team?


  • We do not charge 15% from sale price. You as the merchant control your profit margin which allows us to market your items at the best price.
  • Grow sales and profits.
  • All correspondence with AVENUE A is through email, so every merchant has the contact to an actual representative.
  • You are a valued member of the AVENUE A team.
  • Orders come to you through a CSV file that is emailed daily to your email (API coming soon).
  • Payments to merchants are bi-weekly.
  • Payments are based off of shipped orders; not delivered orders.
  • AVENUE A takes care of all customer relations including complaint tickets.

How to Apply

  • Apply via the form below.

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